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To enlist the support of J’s Office Services, I offer a standard rate of £30 per hour, chargeable on a pay-as-you-go basis.

All work is timed and calculated to the nearest minute using time tracking software, Office Time. This software allows me to present clients with a detailed report of date, time and tasks carried out, to ensure that all work is started and completed efficiently and effectively.

If you feel that it would suit you better to enlist the support of J’s Office Services on a retainer payment basis, I will work with you to agree a set number of hours per month and to discuss how we may best work together in that time. A retainer contract will be payable in advance, and all work carried out will be documented on the Office Time reports that are produced for your records. Please note that, whilst this is a popular option for clients, if you have any unused hours at the end of the month, they do not carry over or warrant a refund.

I can accept payment via PayPal, GoCardless and BACs.

Call me for a chat to discuss which method of work and payment would work best for you and your business.

Payment Methods Accepted

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